The Partial Program at The REDI Clinic

What is a Partial Hospital for Patients with Eating Disorders?

This all-day program for adults will be the first of its kind in the Milwaukee area. Our seasoned clinicians that have provided specialized eating disorder treatment in southeastern Wisconsin for the past 10 years will continue to provide exceptional treatment by expanding our continuum of care. The PHP can be used as a step up from outpatient or IOP, or a step down from inpatient or residential treatment.

What makes this PHP unique is the intimate outpatient setting, the experienced staff, and that this program will be completely experiential and hands-on. Our patients will be involved in all aspects of programming, which includes cooking groups and grocery shopping outings with trained dietitians, mindful movement groups, and art therapy, in additional to psychiatry and evidence-based psychotherapy services. This 5-day PHP experience will be offered from 9am-3pm Monday through Friday.

Who can benefit from Partial Hospital?

The REDI Clinic partial can be helpful for patients who may be struggling in a lower level of care such as outpatient or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) care.  Furthermore for patients who are stepping down from inpatient or residential treatment PHP is a good option.  Because PHP last a number of weeks improvement in nutrition (weight gain, decrease binge and/or purge behaviors) are a major focus.  We also help clients to feel less anxious and worried about food, weight and shape related concerns.  Finally, patients are typically seen twice a week active monitoring of anxiety and depression symptoms can also improve recovery efforts.

How is Partial Hospital Different from other levels of care?

Partial Hospital is significantly more intensive that IOP and provides more structured meals a week.  Also, patients do have time outside of treatment to work on being accountable for choices aimed at recovery.

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